Outils collaboratifs pour avocats (Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Technologies that Bring Lawyers and Clients Together)

Advances in collaborative software have created an unprecedented opportunity for lawyers to connect with their clients and to improve the quality and efficiency of their relationships. This seminar will provide a comprehensive review of the best collaborative software for lawyers, offer an in-depth study of the successful use of extranets at a major national law firm, and sketch out current and future applications of collaborative technology that hold the potential of revolutionizing the lawyerclient relationship itself.

Me Dan Pinnington, Directeur de practicePRO, Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company
M. Jordan Robert Furlong, Rédacteur en chef du magazine National de l’Association du Barreau Canadien
M. Jason Mervyn, Directeur, Solutions d’affaires IT, Gowlings

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