Managed Service Provider – Why Do We Require Them?

managed IT services

What is Managed IT Services? Managed IT services, also known as offshore IT, is an independent third-party service which offers infrastructure, software, and other supporting services to organizations. Or if they prefer the added expertise and advantages that outsourcing can offer. In short Managed IT is a group of services which can be contracted to provide the IT requirements to organizations. The main aim of the service is to support the organization’s IT requirements.

managed IT services

What is the different Managed IT Service Providers? When looking at the Managed it services brochure, you will see that there are various companies providing managed services. A few of these service providers specialize in specific segments of the IT industry. Some of these service providers are well-established firms, which have been around for quite some time, while others are relatively new companies that have started to provide the IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Some of the leading service providers to provide not only managed services but also web hosting, email hosting, systems integration, application development, desktop management, document management, system implementation, database management, and web site design.

So, what makes a managed IT services provider different from a third-party? For one thing, a managed service provider is accountable to the organizations that they service. Whereas third-party vendors are generally service-based organizations, managed service providers tend to be hardware vendors. This means that the managed service provider would take over the entire responsibility of managing the network, servers, desktop, email, and software components, thereby relieving the organizations from the worries and stress of maintaining and managing the systems themselves.

In addition to this, third-party vendors tend to have less expertise in the field. On the other hand, managed service providers have strong IT backgrounds and can offer a wide range of managed IT support services. They are capable of designing a managed architecture for organizations, which is a way of streamlining the business processes and implementing cost-efficient business procedures. The result of these procedures is usually impressive and can bring about significant improvements in the quality and efficiency of the services provided by the organizations. Some of the benefits of the cloud-based managed services are:

One advantage of cloud-based service providers is their ability to offer the same IT services which come at a lower price than what you would be required to pay when employing the services of third party vendors. Most of the service providers out there have established strong partnerships with some of the leading IT vendors in the market, thereby allowing them to offer their managed services at a discounted price. It also helps the organization to save on operational expenses since the service provider would be providing the hardware, the software, and the networking infrastructure as well, for a fraction of the cost that you would be required to pay to another entity. There are numerous service providers in the market, offering managed services at varying rates. You need to conduct a thorough research to find out who among them offer the most affordable services.

Lastly, while choosing a managed service provider, make sure that you consider the value they can add to your organization. This is especially important if you intend to outsource the services that require expertise in a particular technical area. Make sure that the service provider you are hiring possesses the expertise in the IT field. If the provider does not possess any expertise in the IT field, you might end up spending more money on the services you would have required anyway.

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